Which e-liquid is the best: A guide on how to choose

When doing a quick internet search for e-liquid, you are blasted with not only thousands of brands and flavours, but different strengths and ratios – confusing right?!

We have made a quick guide to help you choose the best fit for you!

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Firstly, let’s understand the terms!

VG – Vegetable glistering

PG – Propylene glycol

(3)mg – Nicotine strength

10ml – A smaller bottle of e-liquid, usually premixed with nicotine, ready to fill your tank

50ml – AKA a ‘shortfill’. Your flavour concentrates alongside VG and PG (NO NICOTINE)

100ml – Also called a shortfill. The same as a 50ml, just more of it!

Nic shots – 10ml of nicotine to add to your shortfills


VG and PG

Starting off with VG and PG. These are the ingredients that make up your e-liquid base. VG is thicker than PG, meaning you need to check which ratio your kit requires as VG can often be too thick, causing your coils to burn out a lot faster!

Often, starter kits will require a PG based 50:50 ratio of VG:PG, with more advanced kits taking

on a 70:30 or 80:20 VG ratio. You can find the ratio on the side of all the bottles.

A second factor to consider is the level of sugar in the e-liquid. The higher the sugar level, the faster your coil will burn out and need replacing.


(3)mg and 10ml

Nicotine strength. This is entirely down to you! This measurement only appears on 10ml bottles, the smallest of the e-liquid variety. The ‘mg’ shows how many milligrams of nicotine is mixed into the e-liquid. Ocasionally, brands offer 0mg, however they will usually start their ranges from 3mg. Other options include 6mg, 12mg and 18mg.

If you are a light smoker, 3mg will be just fine. Heavy smokers may want to start at 18mg to get a strong hit.


50ml and 100ml

These bottles are known as ‘shortfills’. Due to having to confine to TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) compliance, bottles larger than 10ml are not allowed to be sold, premixed with nicotine. Therefore, you will find 60ml/100ml bottles with 50ml/80ml of e-liquid, allowing 10ml of room to add your own nicotine.


Nic Shots

Nic shots come in 3 forms:

  • Nic Shot (10ml of 18mg nicotine)
  • Nic Ice Shot (10ml of 18mg nicotine with menthol/koolada)
  • Nic Salt Shot (10ml of 18mg of salt-based nicotine)

Salt based nicotine delivers nicotine into your body in the same way a cigarette does, allowing the body to take in a more concentrated hit in one go as apposed to going back to your vape regularly. This is ideal for heavy smokers or those who struggle with quitting.

Nic Shots and Nic Ice shots simply add nicotine into your e-liquid. The only difference being the ice provides a cool hit.


After all the technical…

Now is time to choose your flavour! We will hand this one over to you as it is entirely down to preference. A lot of those transiting from smoking tend to sway towards tobacco or menthol flavours to help mimic the taste of a cigarette. Others choose to take full advantage of the variety of flavours on the market! Let us know what you choose!

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