The Choppa Collection – Through the eyes of EcigClick

The Choppa Collection - Slush, Soda, Desserts, Fruits, Mint and Ice Ranges

“Something for every flavour palate in this new range of vape juice with more to come!”

We had an exciting notification pop up at head office last week – the first review of The Choppa Collection! This has come in from Michelle over at EcigClick. We really enjoyed reading her honest comments on our collection and decided to share it with all our current/future stockists!

We sent Michelle all 12 x 50ml shortfills from the collection:

  • Midnight
  • White Crystal
  • Sweet Caramel Vanilla Custard
  • Blue Slush
  • O.G. Punch
  • Tango’d Apple
  • Forest Fruits
  • Bully Iced
  • Red Slush
  • Lemon Pecan Pie
  • Black Widow
  • Fanta-Stic Fruit Twist

The review starts by looking back at our award-winning history with EcigClick ranking in “Best Overall Store UK”, “Best Bricks and Mortar UK”, “Best Value E-liquid” and “Best UK e-liquid brand”.

This is followed up by our ingenious choice of bottle tip! The Choppa Collection feature flip top tips as showcased in this photo by EcigClick.
The Choppa Collection Bottle Tips

These tips make for an easier Nic Shot adding experience! No more spilling half your liquid over you desk, hands and just about every other part of your life!

Our collection consists of 50ml e-liquid in a 60ml bottle offering a ratio of 64%VG / 36%PG which as Michelle stated, when mixed with a VG Nic Shot brings the ratio to 70%VG / 30%PG.

Now to the ‘juicy’ part…

Michelle used a single coil RDA attached to her Smok Mag Grip, dry burning and installing new Muji Cotton Wicking between each flavour.

We won’t give away her full review but instead quote a line from each flavour!

The Choppa Collection – Midnight (MINT)

“I am really enjoying this flavour – there is a coldness and this is Menthol with Blackcurrant all day long!”

The Choppa Collection – White Crystal (MINT)

“This I imagine will also be a great flavour to keep on hand if ever you get “Vapers Tongue” and need to clear your palette. This will do the trick!”

The Choppa Collection – Sweet Custard (DESSERTS)

“This flavour came 10th in the 2020 EcigClick Awards for the “Best Dessert E-liquid”

The Choppa Collection – Blue Slush (SLUSH)

“The flavour is as delicious as the smell – you can taste a sugary syrup and the blue Raspberries clearly.”

The Choppa Collection – P.O.G Punch (SODA)

“A sniff of this gives off the aroma of fresh Pineapple with a backing note of citrus”

The Choppa Collection – Tango’d Ice (ICE)

“This taste likes real apple – not synthetic or artificially sweetened.”

The Choppa Collection – Forest Fruits (FRUITS)

“Definitely an all day vape and for those who are not keen on sweet or synthetic e-liquid flavours this is a well rounded harmonious vape!”

The Choppa Collection – Bully Iced (ICE)

“As I have zero reference points to compare to regarding the flavour profile all I can say is it is delicious.”

The Choppa Collection – Red Slush (SLUSH)

“The flavour is more like pure Pineapple rather than a sweet shop type – it almost feels just as juicy in the mouth too!”

The Choppa Collection – Lemon Pecan Pie (DESSERTS)

“There is definitely a pastry taste going on, I am getting a slight lemon tang in the background”

The Choppa Collection – Black Widow (FRUITS)

“The smell is really fruity and rich Blackcurrant – I genuinely want to drink this – please don’t try this at home”

The Choppa Collection – Fanta-Stic Fruit Twist (SODA)

“This is super fruity with the right amount of tang to not taste really synthetic and “sweet shop” like. But it is not that sour that it sucks your pants up your bum either.”

And we have reached the end! So her final verdict…

Michelle loved how much time and thought we put into The Choppa Collection, from our bottle tips to our fresh juice flavours.

A particular strong point is how our Iced range is “not tainted by mint or eucalyptus”, instead providing a cold sensation, still allowing the delicious flavours to come through!

If you want to know how Michelle rated each flavour and read her full review, click here.

We look forward to hearing more great reviews over the coming weeks!

If you are interested in stocking The Choppa Collection, drop us an email or call us 01254 375277.

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