Why Choose Us?


The Choppa Collection is an unique range of the best flavours all bundled into one which has been in the making for years.

A massive following has amassed based off the back of customer recommendations.

Thousands of recipes have been made over the years and The Choppa Collection is a combination of the best as voted by consumers themselves.

We have no doubt this would benefit any retailer that stocks it due to the high customer retention and loyalty experienced by this range and our exclusive distributor network. To ensure fair distribution and to up-hold our premium brand we hand pick our retail partners.

We will make an impact for our partners beyond just basic supply to ensure increase of sales for our clients via promotions or Lives on your platforms.

The vaping industry is there to serve the public so we look at the very best retailers to work with. We don’t supply to distributors in the UK so it is exclusively available through us.

International partners are available for distribution.

Our Flavours speak for themselves and we strongly believe there isn’t another range on par and it will only get better with the many exciting and innovative ideas to come!

A lot of thought and consideration has gone into the creation of each and every flavour. They are mixed at the magic ratio of 64/36 which becomes true 70/30 when a VG Nicotine shots are added or 54/46 when PG shots are added therefore making it perfect for either DTL or MTL use, covering every customer.

All flavours are TPD compliant, developed, manufactured and bottled in an ISO 7 Clean Room in the UK.

All of our liquids are ready for TPD testing and MHRA compliant should the client require it. In our clean-room facility we have automated bottling and labelling facilities to ensure we are able to scale to any desired quantities and achieve a rapid turnover. We are one of the only manufacturers in the UK who’s products are able to be sold in Europe due to the strenuous testing procedures, we are able to be compliant with the latest TPD regulations, ensuring you are future-proof.